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November 21, 2016

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is a polarizing prospect for many.

For me, with the two brands I built, I fell firmly in the "against" camp for years. In fact, for the first two years of those brands, I wrote scathing indictments of the general hand-wringing around Black Friday on our various corporate publications.

Until last year.

Just prior to Black Friday, I wrote an article entitled, ahem, Black Friday. It was just as long-winded as you'd expect, but it made one core point: far too many brands are attempting to pursue the faux superior stance by skipping over Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions.

And, in my humble opinion, it's okay to just embrace the fun of the event.

So, in that spirit, we're launching two promotions:

For the former, Mystery Boxes will be available for $48, featuring two tops — button-downs, tees, sweaters, and otherwise — for less than the typical cost of one.

I hand-packed each Mystery Box earlier this week and can attest to their quality. Although we say each is worth over $100 at typical retail, I'd go as far as to say that figure drastically under-sells each box.

To illustrate the point: we're including short-sleeve shirts, priced normally at $136. We have wool sweaters — v-neck and crew — normally $108. We have hoodies, normally over $150.

And so on.

For those who don't enjoy mystery, we're also launching a 25% off discount for all items site-wide. (Well, excluding the Mystery Boxes and Gift Cards.) And, on Cyber Monday, if your order exceeds $100, we'll throw in a free pocket square valued at over $50.

The discount (and pocket square) will automatically appear during checkout, so don't be confused if it doesn't show up in the Cart pop-up. (If it fails for some reason, just use the code BLACKFRIDAY. You'll get to the same result.)

All promotions last through Cyber Monday, but Mystery Boxes are likely to sell-out virtually immediately. (And all of our other items are small-batch.)

So, act quickly!