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$ 80.00

If you're looking to step up your home cocktail game, look no further than Studio Neat's Ice Kit.

Simply pour water into the provided molds, freeze overnight, and you'll find yourself with a perfectly clear cube of ice. (And one cloudy piece that you can break up into perfectly crushed ice, too.)

Paired with a lewis bag, muddler, and chisel, this is a simple, yet refined kit that all gentlemen would do well to own.

We can't recommend it highly enough.

  • Each order includes two Ice Molds.
  • Ice chisel.
  • Lewis Bag.
  • Muddler.
  • Online-only.
Rye 51 / Neat Ice Kit Rye 51 / Neat Ice Kit Rye 51 / Neat Ice Kit
$ 80.00


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