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Sometimes, life calls for a blazer. And when that call happens, you ought to be prepared.

We’re not talking about some wrinkled polyester monstrosity you found in the depths of your wardrobe. And we’re not talking about a gold-buttoned blazer, as if you’ve just tripped and fallen out of the first wedding you attended as a child.

We’re talking about well-styled, deconstructed blazers — handmade and individually dyed in Italy — which exude a palpable sense of style and character from the moment you see them.

Sophisticated, yet comfortable and relaxed — whether dressed up or down — these jackets by L.B.M. 1911 will ensure you’re at your very best.

Wool blazers

The gold standard.

Rye 51 / Brown/Red Windowpane Blazer

Brown/Red Windowpane Blazer

Rye 51 / Dark Brown Wool Blazer

Dark Brown Wool Blazer

Rye 51 / Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer

Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer

Cotton blazers

For warmer days and less formal occasions, L.B.M. 1911’s cotton blazers won’t let you down.

Rye 51 / Cobalt Cotton Blazer

Cobalt Cotton Blazer