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All men should invest in a decent pair of jeans.

It sounds obvious, but we’re not talking about the inexpensive, throwaway brands you find in most men’s stores. We’re talking about well-made, highly-considered denim, which not only fits, but also exudes a resounding sense of refinement and consideration.

At Rye 51, we’ve produced a diverse run of jeans made with cone mills denim from North Carolina.


Made with 12-ounce cone mills denim and featuring a slimmer fit, these will be your go-to jeans. Wear them for months before wash and, like magic, they’ll evolve to be the best-fitting pair of jeans you’ve ever owned.

Silo Selvedge Denim

Silo Selvedge Denim

Rye 51 / Still Selvedge Denim

Still Selvedge Denim


Looking for the selvedge look, but without the months of wearing them into shape? We’ve got you covered.

Rye 51 / Silo Raw Denim

Silo Raw Denim


Clean, simple, and unimpeachably stylish.

Silo Classic Denim

Silo Classic Denim


Simple, versatile, and breathable.

Rye 51 / Cotton Twills

Cotton Twills

Cotton Twills

Cotton Twills


Throwbacks aren’t necessarily just for Thursdays.

Rye 51 / Silo Vintage Denim

Silo Vintage Denim


White, warm weather-friendly, and more.