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Deconstructed, unlined, and utterly refined, LBM 1911's Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer is handmade in Italy and the pinnacle of refinement.

Each jacket is hand-dyed and carefully assembled in Italy.

The result is something completely unique and unmatched in the market.

In terms of practicality, deconstructed sport coats forego the internal construction that gives most coats their form, lending a relaxed look and making them comfortable and easy-to-wear.

They're some of our most versatile and least fussy sport coats—the kind you toss in a duffel rather than place on a hanger.

And LBM 1911 is the primary purveyor of the technique, so you know it'll be of the highest quality.

  • All LBM 1911 Blazer sizes are European.
  • 48 correlates to a 38-39 inch chest. (38R.)
  • 50 correlates to a 39-40 inch chest. (40R.)
  • 52 correlates to a 41-42 inch chest. (42R.)
  • 54 correlates to a 42-43 inch chest. (44R.)
  • 56 correlates to a 44-45 inch chest. (46R.)
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Rye 51 / Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer Rye 51 / Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer Rye 51 / Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer Grey/Blue Windowpane Blazer
$ 795.00 $ 398.00


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