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Deconstructed blazers are the ideal accessory for the gentleman on the move.

Gone are the stuffy shoulders and cumbersome linings, in exchange for a simplified, raw, and uncomplicated jacket.

Easily slung into a bag or doubled-over in an overhead bin while traveling, a deconstructed blazer will ensure you look your very best without having to over-think anything.

For those seeking something of that ilk (i.e., all of you), we submit L.B.M. 1911's Mocha Cotton Blazer.

Made with lightweight cotton, the Mocha Jacket is easily paired with denim or otherwise, for a lightweight look which knows no seasonality.

Each L.B.M. 1911 jacket is handmade and hand-dyed in Italy. so, it'll be utterly unique to you.

  • All LBM 1911 Blazer sizes are European.
  • 48 correlates to a 38-39 inch chest. (38R.)
  • 50 correlates to a 39-40 inch chest. (40R.)
  • 52 correlates to a 41-42 inch chest. (42R.)
  • 54 correlates to a 42-43 inch chest. (44R.)
  • 56 correlates to a 44-45 inch chest. (46R.)
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Rye 51 / Mocha Cotton Blazer Rye 51 / Mocha Cotton Blazer Mocha Cotton Blazer Mocha Cotton Blazer Rye 51 / Mocha Cotton Blazer
Sold Out $ 298.00

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