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Deconstructed blazers are the ideal accessory for the gentleman on the move.

Gone are the stuffy shoulders and cumbersome linings, in exchange for a simplified, raw, and uncomplicated jacket.

Easily slung into a bag or doubled-over in an overhead bin while traveling, a deconstructed blazer will ensure you look your very best without having to over-think anything.

For those seeking something of that ilk (i.e., all of you), we submit L.B.M. 1911's Tan Cotton Blazer with a double-breast.

Made with lightweight cotton, the Tan Cotton Blazer is easily paired with denim or otherwise, for a lightweight look which knows no seasonality.

Each L.B.M. 1911 blazer is handmade and hand-dyed in Italy. so, it'll be utterly unique to you.

  • All LBM 1911 Blazer sizes are European.
  • 48 correlates to a 38-39 inch chest. (38R.)
  • 50 correlates to a 39-40 inch chest. (40R.)
  • 52 correlates to a 41-42 inch chest. (42R.)
  • 54 correlates to a 42-43 inch chest. (44R.)
  • 56 correlates to a 44-45 inch chest. (46R.)
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Rye 51 / Tan Cotton Blazer Rye 51 / Tan Cotton Blazer Rye 51 / Tan Cotton Blazer
$ 650.00 $ 275.00


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