Mystery Box 3

$ 200.00

For our box, we recognize that many of you are new to the Rye 51 brand, so we've taken this opportunity to dig up some of our favorite tees, polos, denim and chinos to help introduce you to the brand.

Each Mystery Box contains four tops and two bottoms (denim, chinos, 5 pockets) for much less than the cost of one. And all boxes are worth well over $500.

Mystery Boxes are not returnable. (In this case, though, we've gone to great lengths to ensure each box is of the highest quality, so we doubt the thought will cross your mind.)

So, to recap, here's the situation with our Mystery Box:

  • Four tops and two bottoms in each box.
  • Each box is valued at well over $500.
  • Mystery Boxes are ineligible for discount codes.
  • Mystery Boxes are non-returnable.

Oh, also: these will sell out quickly. (Very quickly.) Don't miss out!

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