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$ 158.00

You're a busy, traveling person.

On a given day, you find yourself moving quickly from the airport to happy hour with prospective clients. And, throughout, you need to look your best, whilst retaining your comfort.

For those days, we're proud to introduce our Silo Sueded Cotton Twill trousers.

Featuring proprietary cotton stretch blend, these trousers are not only attractive and minimalist, but also stretchy and comfortable to keep your in great condition throughout your day.

Whether worn as a casual alternative to your go-to jeans or your work-friendly chinos, these'll be sure to become a staple of your wardrobe in short order.

  • Made in America.
  • Made with our proprietary cotton stretch blend.
  • 10 Oz. cotton.
  • Our 'Still' fit offers a more traditional, looser fit in the leg.
Still Sueded Cotton Twill Still Sueded Cotton Twill Still Sueded Cotton Twill Still Sueded Cotton Twill
$ 158.00

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