Voyager Pant

$ 128.00
The intelligent moisture management technology for textiles. Expertly designed with style and function in mind. With easily accessible pockets for the things you reach for most often. The perfect pant for working, not working, fishing, golfing, drinking, sitting and standing is here.
  • Machine washable
  • 4-way stretch
  • Stain and soil resistant, with release effects
  • Anti-static effects mean no clingy uncomfortableness
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Hydrocool Technology

With HYDROCOOL®, the intelligent moisture management technology, synthetic articles are functionalised to become textiles for skin-contact that can be worn comfortably.

Designed for Comfort and Ease

The Voyager's advantages, such as their light weight, high durability and wear resistance, distinct easy care and fast drying, are coupled with a functional design.