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Our Story

Rye 51 is a purveyor of refined clothing, footwear, and accessories for the modern gentleman.

From its earliest moments, Rye 51 has been devoted to the curation of the very best products, whilst also providing a remarkably simple and dignified shopping experience. Whether having a whiskey with us in one of our well-appointed stores across the country or visiting our all-new editorial website — as you are today — you can expect an experience unparalleled in the industry.

Extending beyond our extensive partnerships with brands around the world, we’ve also hatched partnerships with ethical factories and workshops — often traditional, family-owned business built upon passion for clothing and craftsmanship — to create our own eponymous line, Rye 51.

From our denim sewn in Los Angeles to our Peruvian Pima cotton, our goal is to create small-batch goods at a better price and level of quality and refinement than any others on the market. (But you’ll have to move quickly, as we typically only produce 50 to 100 of each item.)

As you can probably tell, we’re simply passionate about what we do. We have a tireless approach to garments and the experience that comes along with them. And it’s reflected throughout our locations, sites, and more.

We look forward to serving you.