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Jonathan Rosenberg

For our second interview, we were fortunate enough to sit down with Jonathan Rosenberg, a prolific entrepreneur, restaurateur, and creative mind.

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Jonathan has spent much of his life moving from place-to-place. For the past few years, though, he's found himself rooted in Dallas.

And we're reaping the rewards.

From his beautiful bars and restaurants to his newly-founded creative agency, Jonathan is one of the most active entrepreneurial minds in Dallas.

So, naturally, we wanted to share his story.

Matt Alexander: Your background in the business world is fairly diverse. How do you self-identify? A broad entrepreneur? A restauranteur?

Jonathan Rosenberg: Most likely a broad entrepreneur, as you say.

I get bored fairly easily and love working on a variety of things. I also don’t mind not being an expert in an industry.

It excites me to look at something new with a fresh perspective based on my experiences.

Matt Alexander: At White Unicorn, you’re building a full-service creative agency. Is this a way for your to scratch a few more entrepreneurial itches?

Jonathan Rosenberg: For sure. It really is a perfect fit for me. I love the revolving door of new companies and their respective challenges.

It might sound cheesy, but knowing we can really help is a good feeling.

Matt Alexander: You’re clearly a man who enjoys building businesses. Have you got any more in the pipeline at this stage? Or do you try to have a certain amount of time between ventures?

Jonathan Rosenberg: I might...!

I don’t necessarily have a certain time frame. If I am working on something, though, I do make sure it gets my full attention and focus.

Five years ago, when I started Koa, I committed to that philosophy. Lack of focus was holding me back.

Today, I'm focused on interesting work and growth potential.

Matt Alexander: Most of your businesses — whether physical or otherwise — are based in Dallas, Texas. Do you envision yourself moving beyond the city? (Maybe even in your home country of South Africa?)

Jonathan Rosenberg: Yes.

With White Unicorn, I truly believe we have no ceiling to where we might be doing work one day. We already do a few things outside of Dallas.

I am sure, by the end of the 2017, we will be working with clients all over the world.

Matt Alexander: Is there an industry you’d like to get involved in that you haven’t touched yet?

Jonathan Rosenberg: I would love to get into the music industry.

Matt Alexander: You’ve talked about the importance of focus. If you were giving a piece of advice to an aspiring entrepreneur, what would it be?

Jonathan Rosenberg: It will be harder than you think but worth it in the end.

You can learn more about Jonathan's work at White Unicorn, High Fives, The Standard Pour, and Koa. And follow him on Instagram to (try to) keep up with his latest exploits.